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    WN8 Farming

    If you work or don't have enough time to play, do not hesitate to contact me Farm: -bonds -credits -wn8 -winrate -missions -Marks -lines -or other things related to the game! All services at the lowest prices (prices are based on requirements and tanks in the area) For details, we talk privately! MY STATISTICS: 2000wn8 / RECENT wn8 3.5k
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  5. Greetings, according to leaks, its been confirmed that the M10 RBFM will be the next Marathon Reward as a D-Day WoT event to celebrate the 6 of June. “Ready to disembark” medal we are supposed to earn for participating in the event. These are the M10 RBFM statistics: (From the previous article) And these are the statistic changes that Deconoir could find from the leaked new stats: Penetration: 128 > 130 DPM: 1755 > 2321.2 Reload: 3.93 > 2.973 Rate of Fire: 15.26 > 20.184 Hull Traverse: 31.29 > 30 Turret Traverse: 16.69 > 16.7 Aim Time: 1.63 > 1.73 The marathon event will be around for roughly 2 weeks and there will be a challenge for each of the days that will be running.
  6. We are about to start the supertest for a hit point increase to all Tier I–VI vehicles. We assume that the adjustments to HP pools will make low-tier and mid-tier vehicles last longer in battle, and at the same time make the transition to top-tier vehicles more comfortable. The Supertest will show if our assumptions are correct. Why do we intend to give Tiers I–VI an HP increase? While researching vehicles and going up the tiers every player can observe (and feel) the increments to their tanks’ stats and overall battle efficiency. One of the key parameters impacting a vehicle’s efficiency is its HP pool. Currently the HP pool growth curve is too steep from Tier I to Tier VI, and more gradual from Tier VII to Tier X (see the comparative graph below). This makes playing low-to-mid-tier vehicles less comfortable than it should be. When facing vehicles of a higher tier in battle, you can feel a huge difference between your HP pool and theirs. Because of this more pronounced distinction, the battles tend to last less at low-to-mid tiers. What do we plan to do, exactly? To make the HP amount progression more even, we intend to test an increase to HP pools of all Tier I–VI vehicles. The increment will be different for every single tier in the closed test, and will be defined by the same quotient for every vehicle of that tier. (See the quotient table below; a quotient of 1 equals to the current value.) Tier I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X HP Pool adjustment quotient 2.14 1.99 1.78 1.53 1.31 1.12 1 1 1 1 As per the table, the Tier I vehicles will receive the largest relative boost to their HP pools (+114%) for the duration of the Supertest. The reason is that currently the HP difference between the tiers is the sharper the lower the tier goes. For example, the MS-1, a Tier I Soviet tank, will have an HP pool of 215points (instead of 100 points; rounded up) in the coming Supertest. The T-45, a Tier II Soviet tank, will get to 280 points (instead of 140 points; rounded up). The changes to the HP pools will allow to: Soften the transition from a lower to a higher tier while following a branch Increase the mean survival time in low-to-mid-tier battles, making them more comfortable both for newcomers and experienced players researching a new branch It should be noted that we are talking solely about the first testing stage here—the one where we are going to check the impact of HP pools on battle statistics. The exact adjustment quotients are not final for any tier and may change. In case we get positive results, we will make a separate announcement of our decision to bring the changes into the game. Source: EU Forums
  7. Bonus Codes: MONTEAXIS MONTEALLIES (You can only activate 1) Tested in EU Acest cod ofera misiuni
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  9. Nume Clan: JDUN Adresa spre pagina principala a clanului: https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500153386/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wot-portal Numar de jucatori (in data de ..): 05.20.2019 - 90 Persoane de contact: GuderianKorps Data infintarii clanului: 2017 Program de comunicare (ex. TS, RaidCall): Alte informatii referitoare la clan: cautam oameni prietenosi care vor sa joace campanii si advance-(3-4 zile/sapt) PARTICIPAM ACTIV LA FIECARE CAMPANIE Hai noroace! Suntem un clan format din oameni foarte caterincosi si de treaba... daca vreti sa faceti parte din comunitatea noastra pe joc/facebook/meeting uri IRL la beut de bere si sunteti jucatori activi, avem urmatoarele cerinte pe care le consideram rezonabile: Cerinte minime: - 2 tancuri de tier 8 (Progetto 46, M41 90mm, Defender, Caernarvon Action X, IS-3, LT-432 etc.) - 2 tancuri de tier 10 (S. Conq, 113, WZ-111 5a, IS-7, Type 5 Heavy, MAUS, OBJ 140, T62-A, OBJ 907, AMX 50B, OBJ 268 V4, CONQUEROR GC, GW E 100, T 92 HMC, BAT CHAT 25T, T110E3, T110E4, T100 LT.) - WN8 - 1200+
  10. Felicitari pentru implicare. Macar a mai fost ceva nou pe forum....si felicitari pentru campanie!
  11. Clasamentul final pe tiere mai jos, doar clanurile romanesti din primii 100 le-am luat in calcul: Tier 10 1.FUSED-locul 24 2.NOIQ-locul 28 3.G-ON-locul 34 4.DACUS-locul 36 5.ONIX-locul 70 6.GTD-locul 82 7.S-GUN-locul 95 Tier 8 1.REGAL-locul 22 2.GTD-locul 36 3.VOLT-locul 39 4.CTRL--locul 59 5.ARC4N-locul 70 6.3RNGY-locul 78 Iar mai jos o sa fac clasamentul bazat pe "political leaderboard", este clasamentul pe baza caruia clanurile vor lua un anumit numar de bonds dupa campanie: 1.NOIQ-locul 14-30.000 bonds 2.FUSED-locul 26-25.000 bonds 3.DACUS-locul 30-25.000 bonds 4.S-GUN-locul 63-5000 bonds 5.G-ON-locul 76-2500 bonds 6.ONIX-locul 78-2500 bonds 7.VCTRX-locul 79-2500 bonds 8.GTD-locul 96-2500 bonds Nu cred ca am ratat niciun clan care este prezent in primele 100 de locuri in toate clasamentele, daca totusi am facut-o va rog sa ma atentionati! Multumesc!
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