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  1. Salut! AMX fara discutii. La Is 6 ai mm preferential,doar ca penetrarea standard si gold e praf.Daca te intalnesti in batalie cu un Defender,te bate de te c**i pe tine.Parerea mea!
  2. Salut ! Care ma lamureste si pe mine cu battle pass ul asta? am vazut ca nu mai merge sa cumpar levelurile ca sa avansez mai rapid. Gen 1 level la improved era 250 gold si 20 era 5000 gold.Daca bag 40 de euro mi da toate improved passurile la toate cele 3 tancuri?
  3. problema e ca ai incercat sa vinzi tancul fara echipaj/si ti a dat acea eroare
  4. Wargaming Fest 2019 was a big success in Minsk and today more information was published from the Developers Q&A. Again, here’s a digest with the most important information I could find. Object 430U is currently one of the strongest medium tanks, but it’s impossible to say when it will be reworked. At the moment, there is no point in changing vehicles (rebalance) until after the next Sandbox iteration. After, maybe yes, as vehicles will change depending on the new ammunition changes. Landmine mechanics is quite difficult and complicated to deal with. In the upcoming Sand
  5. ai geforge experience ul instalat si actualizat la zi?
  6. Big thank you for phX and asdfasdfasdf for the codes! THUMB STOLENFROMOFFICIALCHANNEL Edit: Poking through the forums I found even more codes just now! STOPASKINGFORCODESPLS MOARRESOURCES DONOTSHARETHISCODEKAPPA NICEANDSHINY And last but not least, a WoT code! 5 battle rental for the Skorpion G! IAMSKORPION
  7. New Vehicles/Dual-Gun Tanks We’re constantly looking for new ways to develop the existing tech trees in our game. We don’t have any master plans for the introduction of specific machines yet, but we’re pondering some interesting concepts. After all, aim has always been to introduce tanks that will provide you with fresh and unique gameplay, and add variety to your daily gaming experience. This is precisely the case with dual-gun vehicles, which are about to enter the closed Supertests. These vehicles will be equipped with two guns, allowing you to shoot both simultaneously and sequent
  8. World of Tanks Developers announced quite a few new things this year at WG Fest. Some are new information, other not so much, either way here’s a resume of all the important information shared. New Minigames will come next week to Tank Festival, to help players complete all the dog tag collections. Wargaming will bring their own version of RTX, made so it can be available to all players. This will allow players to have new quality shadows without the ultra-expensive GPU’s. EnCore will be updated soon and players will be able to download it to test the new improved graphics.
  9. We are especially interested in the gameplay concept, not so much in the dummy vehicle itself. None of this vehicle’s characteristics should be taken seriously. It will give all of you (and us) an insight into what a double-barreled tank could look and play like in World of Tanks. So, let’s break the ice and take a look at the first-ever vehicle with two guns (no, Franken and Stein don’t count) as well as its stats.
  10. Salutare ! imi cer scuze in cazul in care am postat unde nu trebuie. If you are interested in the upcoming submarines, here is how to apply for the test.
  11. With the release of the last micropatch, we disabled in the settings the ability to enable improved graphics on weak computers, as well as on computers running 32-bit operating systems. We understand that everyone likes to play a beautiful game with high quality graphics. But, unfortunately, we had to take this step to provide better game stability and improve performance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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