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  1. EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 23.05.2019 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update. Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualisation: Clan Portal will be unavailable from 06:00 CEST 23.05.2019 till 06:45 CEST 23.05.2019 Patchnotes: –Fixed a problem where the player could not be invited to the platoon or send a message from the recruitment screen level; -Several technical problems have been fixed.
  2. Greetings, according to leaks, its been confirmed that the M10 RBFM will be the next Marathon Reward as a D-Day WoT event to celebrate the 6 of June. “Ready to disembark” medal we are supposed to earn for participating in the event. These are the M10 RBFM statistics: (From the previous article) And these are the statistic changes that Deconoir could find from the leaked new stats: Penetration: 128 > 130 DPM: 1755 > 2321.2 Reload: 3.93 > 2.973 Rate of Fire: 15.26 > 20.184 Hull Traverse: 31.29 > 30 Turret Traverse: 16.69 > 16.7 Aim Time: 1.63 > 1.73 The marathon event will be around for roughly 2 weeks and there will be a challenge for each of the days that will be running.
  3. We are about to start the supertest for a hit point increase to all Tier I–VI vehicles. We assume that the adjustments to HP pools will make low-tier and mid-tier vehicles last longer in battle, and at the same time make the transition to top-tier vehicles more comfortable. The Supertest will show if our assumptions are correct. Why do we intend to give Tiers I–VI an HP increase? While researching vehicles and going up the tiers every player can observe (and feel) the increments to their tanks’ stats and overall battle efficiency. One of the key parameters impacting a vehicle’s efficiency is its HP pool. Currently the HP pool growth curve is too steep from Tier I to Tier VI, and more gradual from Tier VII to Tier X (see the comparative graph below). This makes playing low-to-mid-tier vehicles less comfortable than it should be. When facing vehicles of a higher tier in battle, you can feel a huge difference between your HP pool and theirs. Because of this more pronounced distinction, the battles tend to last less at low-to-mid tiers. What do we plan to do, exactly? To make the HP amount progression more even, we intend to test an increase to HP pools of all Tier I–VI vehicles. The increment will be different for every single tier in the closed test, and will be defined by the same quotient for every vehicle of that tier. (See the quotient table below; a quotient of 1 equals to the current value.) Tier I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X HP Pool adjustment quotient 2.14 1.99 1.78 1.53 1.31 1.12 1 1 1 1 As per the table, the Tier I vehicles will receive the largest relative boost to their HP pools (+114%) for the duration of the Supertest. The reason is that currently the HP difference between the tiers is the sharper the lower the tier goes. For example, the MS-1, a Tier I Soviet tank, will have an HP pool of 215points (instead of 100 points; rounded up) in the coming Supertest. The T-45, a Tier II Soviet tank, will get to 280 points (instead of 140 points; rounded up). The changes to the HP pools will allow to: Soften the transition from a lower to a higher tier while following a branch Increase the mean survival time in low-to-mid-tier battles, making them more comfortable both for newcomers and experienced players researching a new branch It should be noted that we are talking solely about the first testing stage here—the one where we are going to check the impact of HP pools on battle statistics. The exact adjustment quotients are not final for any tier and may change. In case we get positive results, we will make a separate announcement of our decision to bring the changes into the game. Source: EU Forums
  4. Bonus Codes: MONTEAXIS MONTEALLIES (You can only activate 1) Tested in EU Acest cod ofera misiuni
  5. Patchnotes: A new folder for mods has been added. Fixes to avoid problems in the new Ranking Battles season. EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 20.05.2019 from 06:00 – 06:05 CEST due to this update.
  6. These will be received by clan members, who will be in one of the 10% best clans of the upcoming Fire Trail Global Map event. According to unofficial information, the event will start this summer (June / July), and the prizes will be, as usual, styles, medals and tanks. If you fail to get the required number of Fame Points, you will be able to use bonds to win them at the auction.
  7. Bonus Code: BERLINER Tested in: Europe Server Acest cod ofera 2 misiuni:
  8. EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 16.05.2019 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update. Patchnotes: Fixed the issue, when models of some allied vehicles were not displayed properly in the Frontline mode. Fixed the issue, when the interface displayed the number of new customization element types, instead of new customization elements. The projectile trajectory of the Conqueror Gun Carriage (Tier X SPG) was reset to the state of version 1.4.1. Fixed some technical issues. Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualisation: Clan Portal will be unavailable from 06:00 CEST 16.05.2019 till 06:45 CEST 16.05.2019 NA: Micropatch will be applied at: WoT NA – 02:00 – 03:00 PST 16.05.2019
  9. World of Tanks Update 1.5.1 could be entering Common Test very soon, so soon that it could be deployed this week. According to WOT Express, Update 1.5.1 could be released into Common Test stage tomorrow, 16 May, or worst-case scenario, by Friday, 17 May. Update 1.5.1 will bring balance changes to a lot of medium tanks but no further details have been revealed. As it will be an interim update, no major new features should be brought into the game, but more balances and tweaks could be expected. Please note, all Common Test will now require you install Wargaming Game Centre, as the old install will no longer work. If you want to take part in the Common Test, make sure you download and install WGC. As usual, we will share more details as soon as they are known.
  10. On Thursday, May 16, the 1.5.1 public test update should take place (unless something goes wrong, it will be postponed to Friday). You will be able to download the update for the test server only from around 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Moscow time. The installer can be downloaded from this link: http://redirect.wargaming.net/WoT/latest_web_install_ct
  11. A new iteration arrived. STA-2 (MT-8, Japan, premium): -Damage per minute increased from 2,002.3 to 2,455.3 – this change was cancelled. The parameter was left as it is currently on the server (2002.3); -The reload time has been reduced from 7,192 sec to 6,712 sec – this change has been cancelled. Parameters remain unchanged (7.192 s); -The rate of fire was increased from 8,343 to 8,939 – this change was cancelled and remains unchanged (8,343); -Engine power has been reduced from 700 to 650 hp (currently on the server: 570 hp); -The hp per ton was changed from 20.59 to 19.12 hp / t (currently on the server: 16.76 hp / t).
  12. EU, Micropatch 1.5_1: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 11.05.2019 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update. Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualisation: Clan Portal will be unavailable from 06:00 CEST 11.05.2019 till 06:45 CEST 11.05.2019 EU, Micropatch 1.5_1.1: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 13.05.2019 from 06:00 – 06:05 CEST due to this update.
  13. Source: EU Portal The fourth episode of Frontline 2019 will start on 13 May at 7:00 CEST and will be available until 20 May at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2). This is your chance to experience epic 30v30 battles, win heaps of rewards, and join the race for formidable reward tanks! We also have news concerning the next Frontline episode. The fifth episode will take place between 17 June at 07:00 CEST and 24 June at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2). Find out all the details, including rewards and precise specifications in our dedicated “Frontline: Regulations” article. REGULATIONS It’s not too late to join the fight and win heaps of rewards! Especially since in the fourth Episode, you will have the first opportunity to purchase any of the 11 original rental tanks available in Frontline this year at a discounted rate. If you spent Gold on tank rentals in previous episodes, it was saved in a special fund. It doesn’t matter what vehicles and for how long you’ve rented them—now you can use your fund to expand your tanking collection at a discounted rate! The discount will be calculated depending on how much Gold you spent on renting vehicles. Here’s a recap of the rental mechanics to refresh your memory: Take advantage of sweet discounts on these great tanks, pick your vehicle, and push for victory! Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: The Characteristics of the Emil 1951 As you all already know, one of the main rewards of Frontline 2019 is the Emil 1951, a Swedish Tier VIII Premium heavy tank with an autoloader, which is brand new and exclusive to Frontline. This is a reward worthy of your efforts, victories, and will to win, Commanders! After long periods of testing and additional tweaks, we’re finally ready to lift the veil of secrecy and show you the finalized characteristics of this formidable brawler. Starting from the fourth Episode, it will be available in the game client. The Emil 1951 is a maneuverable heavy tank with good aiming time and can deal 360 points of alpha damage. Use its good mobility to get in the thick of it and dominate the battlefield with its main feature, a three-shell autoloader. It does excellent damage per minute and is capable of firing effectively on the move. Balance Adjustments We’ve carefully analyzed the latest Frontline episodes and decided to slightly tweak some balance settings. We believe these adjustments will help make the mode more enjoyable and fair. Let’s get down to details. Revamped Airstrike First of all, we reworked Airstrikes. Our statistics show that this is one of the least popular Combat Reserves. Obviously, this is due to Airstrikes not causing serious damage to enemies. If shells don’t penetrate or simply don’t hit targets, then your opponents are only stunned and receive “a slap on the wrist”. Therefore, we want to make Airstrikes a more attractive option for you, so it can serve as possible alternative to Artillery Strikes. We slightly increased: The damage it causes The splash radius NOTE: At the same time, we slightly reduced the penetration of Airstrikes to better balance these changes. As a result, Airstrikes will inflict more frequent and light-to-medium damage to all tanks caught in the blast zone. This Combat Reserve will become more predictable and generally more useful for both teams. Main Objectives: Increasing Side Armor Good news for defenders! We’ve increased the pillboxes’ side armor from 165 to 180 mm, just in time for the fourth Episode. We’re taking this measure to: Reduce the impact of light vehicles on gameplay. Many of them have around 180 mm of armor penetration for their standard shell. Fast and mobile, light vehicles can easily get behind your back, quickly reach the main objectives, and deal a great amount of damage when targeting their poorly armored sides. Decrease the impact of tank destroyers and other types of vehicles that can hit the pillboxes from long distances. We noticed that in the final stages of the battle, some players prefer to bombard the main objectives from safe positions, which reduces the chances of the defending team to succeed. An additional 20 mm of side armor will encourage attackers to move closer to the action, try various tactics, and aim more carefully. It will be harder to penetrate the pillboxes, especially at greater angles and for vehicles with mediocre penetration. Engineering & Respawns In Episode 4, the Engineering ability is available for both teams under existing conditions. However, we’ll reduce the speed bonus for attackers when they capture the base and activate this ability. Level 1 – From 1.6 to 1.5 Level 2 – From 1.6 to 1.5 Level 3 – From 1.8 to 1.7 Level 4 – From 1.8 to 1.7 Level 5 – From 2.0 to 1.8 This change will give defenders more time to reach the point that is being captured. In addition, they can better control zones, in particular, zone B. NOTE: With this adjustment, we’re also lending a helping hand to defenders. At the same time, we’re addressing the issue of fast light vehicles capturing the first line bases before tanks from the defending team could even get to them. Finally, we changed the location of some Respawn positions. Players from the attacking team will now be able to avoid situations where they respawn too close to the base, surrounded by tanks of the defending team, and are destroyed almost immediately. Starting with the upcoming Episode, Respawns will be located further from the epicenter of the battle zones. As always, feel free to visit our dedicated forum thread and share your thoughts on the upcoming balance tweaks. Good luck in the fourth Episode, Commanders!
  14. 2019MILITARYPARADE Gives 1 day of premium account
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