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  1. O melodie putin cunoscuta.Este hip hop brazilian.Nota 10.Muzica pentru masina
  2. World of Tanks 1.4.1 Supertest just received three new styles for the anniversary celebrations coming in April. Each region, EU, NA and ASIA will have their own unique style that can be applied to any vehicle of any nation. On April 12, World of Tanks will be celebrating eight years since it was released in EU and NA regions and with it, seven for the ASIA region. Currently, there are no details if these styles will be given away or available for purchase. EU Style NA Style ASIA Style Source: WOT Express
  3. It’s only been a couple of weeks since Update 1.4.0 has hit World of Tanks live servers but Supertest Test 1.4.1 is already underway and almost ready to be released. There is only one meaning, Common Test for Update 1.4.1 will be ready soon and most probably later this week on the 28th of February or 1st of March. Update 1.4.1 will be an interim patch, with mainly map and game fixes and not much other content. Unless Wargaming decides in delaying the Common Test or has other unannounced changes prepared we should expect Common Test to run for a couple of weeks before Update 1.4.1 goes live in mid-March. At the moment only a couple of Premium Supertest vehicles have been added with Update 1.4.1 and the following maps received changes: Ensk Westfield Fisherman’s Bay Mountain Pass Serene Coast Paris Pilsen Glacier Hinterland Widepark Source: WOT Express
  4. Salut ! da dar e ca un fel de pariuri.Cine pune mai multi banuti are sanse mai mari sa castigatorul e doar unul din avut si eu aplicatia instalata timp de o luna dupa care am dezinstalat o.
  5. World of Tanks is getting a brand new Czechoslovakian tank: TVP T 27. This tank will be the first ever Premium Tier VIII medium tank for the Czechoslovakian tech tree, something players have been long asking for. A medium tank sporting an autoloader system, it will fit right into the Czechoslovakian tanks play style. Gameplay-wise, it’s much like the top-tier progression vehicles of the same nation. The crew composition is also the same as the top-tier one, making it a good crew trainer. The autoloader drum of the TVP T 27 holds three rounds and takes 20 seconds to fully reload. The time between shots is 1.8 seconds. The tank is armed with an 88-mm gun which deals 240 points of alpha damage and is most effective at close and mid-range. Its aiming time is 1.9 seconds, and the dispersion is 0.38 m at a range of 100 meters. Among the other strengths of this tank are its gun depression and mobility. Its vulnerabilities come with its relatively large size and rather lack of protection. The TVP T 27 will be far more superior to the regular TVP VTU, but it will be a better fit to the Czechoslovakian play-style. Hopefully, we will see a rebalance to the regular tank too, as it’s rather lacking at the moment and considered by many one of the worse Tier VIII in the game, if not the worse. Are you excited to see this vehicle coming to the game? Let us know in the comment section.
  6. Salutare ! Mi am descarcat super testul 1.4,ce urmeaza sa l introduca.Aproape am stat o zi intreaza doar ca sa testez noile tancuri,si m am gandit sa va impartasesc primele mele impresii Daca ar fi sa dau o nota tancurilor de nivel 6,7,8,9 si 10 ar fi cam asa Tier 6 - FOARTE SLAB-la fel ca amx 12 t doar ca e pe roti Tier 7-SLAB Tier 8- Bun Tier 9- foarte bun Tier `10 -EXCELENT Desi cele mai multe batalii te am facut cu tier 10,tin sa precizez urmatoarele - tancul nu se intoarce pe loc ,la fel cum o fac cele pe senila.Ideea e innainte si Innapoi.Trebuie cel putin 3 sau 4 manevre,asta in cazul in care am intrat intr o casa - Sa controlez un tanc pe roti,e ca si cum mi as conduce propriul automobil rupt de beat,indiferent daca tancul are Boost sau nu.Oricum,si beat sa fiu,tot ma descurc mai bine -Tancul nu are absolut nici o treaba cu phisix ul.Teoretic atunci cand atinge viteza fenomenala de 105 ,tancul ar trebui sa urce fara probleme dealuri felul acesta am putea sa campam intreaga batalie fara sa fim omorati.Am facut testul pe Airfield am incercat sa urc pe partea muntoasa si n am reusit - de exemplu daca este harta deschisa,vei putea face inconjorul hartii fara sa fii omorat -Este foarte greu sa tragi in inamici din mers,lafel si inamicii sa incerce sa ma omoar -Munitia gold nu prea o gasesc utila deoarece da foarte putin,adica penetrare gold 240,iar la cea standard am parte doar de dinguri. - desi sunt jucator midrange cu wn8 de 1030,am facut 2 batalii mai reusite,din care una cu 2100 dmg,care am jucat o doar cu HE,si a doua batalie cu 4500 dmg spot activ .
  7. placa video dedicata e mai slaba decat hd 4000.n ai ce sa i faci.Mai bine il vinzi,pui diferenta si cumperi ceva mai bun
  9. Happy New Year, everyone! Let's start off with some news on wheeled vehicles -- specifically, relating to the Panhard EBR 75 (FL-10). After recent tests of the vehicle, it has been decided to introduce changes and corrections to the first French premium wheeled tier VIII vehicle. These changes will already be introduced in the public test of update 1.4, and it is possible that the vehicle may still be subject to further changes. Changes (In Brief): Engine power increased by 5%. Increased braking efficiency. Time to change between driving modes shortened from 0.2 to 0.1 s. Reduced debuff caused by wheel damage. Increased maneuverability in travel mode at low speeds. Magazine reload time reduced from 10.3 to 9.5 s. Details: Dynamics: Engine power changed from 500 to 525 hp (+5%). The braking efficiency and - to some extent - the acceleration efficiency (as a side effect) have been improved. Change of driving mode shortened from 0.2 to 0.1s. Players complained that the vehicle lacked dynamics in specific cases. At the same time, however, some emphasized the immense momentum of the vehicle (weak brakes). Increasing the power of the engine has a mainly cosmetic effect, while the braking force has been improved noticeably. The change time between driving modes has been shortened, which allows you to lose less speed when changing the mode during movement. Wheel damage: Debuff (increased resistances/decreased speed/etc.) from the damaged wheel has been reduced. The level to which the wheels are repaired automatically has been set to 100%. The speed of automatic wheel repair has been reduced. Players complained about a drastic decrease in vehicle dynamics even when only two wheels were damaged. In fact, damage to one or two wheels did not have much impact during fast driving -- however, on the other hand, acceleration with even one damaged wheel was too weak. The debuff reduction from single wheel damage has an almost imperceptible effect at high speeds, but effectively improves acceleration when one or two wheels are damaged. Setting automatic wheel repair to some extent reduces the chance of damage to the wheel, thereby increasing the severity of damage to each of the vehicle wheels. Maneuverability: Wheel turning (steering) speed increased. The maximum angle of tilting of the wheels when the forward drive key is not pressed has been increased. The degree of throttle opening during turning at low speeds (using the A and D keys, without W pressed.) increased. The maximum speed for which the above effect takes effect is set to 20 km/h. The vehicle required better maneuverability at low speeds in the travel mode. At speeds greater than 20 km/h, the base maneuverability remained almost unchanged, except for increased responsiveness to turns (due to accelerated wheel rotation) and the possibility of tighter turning after releasing the forward key. Maneuverability in fast mode remained unchanged. Thus, we achieved greater separation between driving modes. Battle performance: Magazine reload time reduced from 10.3 to 9.5s (-8%) Adding a third shell to the magazine as many players were asking for seemed inappropriate. The current configuration of the magazine encourages players to play va banque, firing both shells at once and retreating to a safe position for reloading. As such, the efficiency of the magazine has instead been slightly improved by reducing the overall reload time. Increasing the view range also seemed illogical, because the combat potential of this vehicle is rather large at the moment due to the combination (in a cheerful way) of characteristics that help in active gameplay. Other: The engine parameters when boosting have been adjusted (not perceptible to players). Suspension stiffness parameters have been improved (this will reduce the damage from falls when the vehicle lands on the wheels). Grip has been improved (reducing the chance of slipping at high speeds). Source:
  10. E veche postarea .Uitate mai intai la data,nu mai induce lumea in eroare.Aceasta sectiune se numeste Noutati/Stiri,nu Vechituri/Fake uri cum crezi tu.
  12. AI incercat sa desfaci placa grafica?incearca sa i pui pasta termica noua.Vericica procesorul sa vezi daca este prins bine in suruburi, și verifica sursa sa vezi starea ventilatorului daca este plin de praf.
  13. Daca tu ai incercat sa faci update sau sa reinstalezi bios ul ,si intre timp ti s a luat curentul e posibil ca placa de baza sa fie dusa.Incearca sa scoti placa grafica si baga mufa monitorului in intrarea video de la placa de baza,si porneste sunetul.daca nu ai probleme si functioneaza normal,e de la placa grafica.incearca sa vezi prin bios ce optiuni mai ai la placa trebui sa ai vreo optiune pentru placa grafica si cea integrata,sa fie AUTODETECT.DACA pe monitor apare tot negru dar la sunet iti canta melodia aia de la windows dupa ce se incarca,sau mai alte programe cum ar fi skype si te autologhezi,poate fi de la placa video.Tu cand ai imaginea neagra?Tot timpul?sau ai imagine cand intri in bios,si dupa ce se incarca windowsul dispare?fa testul si cu alt am avut o experienta asemanatoare cu un monitor care tragea sa moara.Statea vreo 3 secunde aprins,dupa care se facea ecranul negru.
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