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  1. problema e ca ai incercat sa vinzi tancul fara echipaj/si ti a dat acea eroare
  2. Wargaming Fest 2019 was a big success in Minsk and today more information was published from the Developers Q&A. Again, here’s a digest with the most important information I could find. Object 430U is currently one of the strongest medium tanks, but it’s impossible to say when it will be reworked. At the moment, there is no point in changing vehicles (rebalance) until after the next Sandbox iteration. After, maybe yes, as vehicles will change depending on the new ammunition changes. Landmine mechanics is quite difficult and complicated to deal with. In the upcoming Sandbox, Wargaming wants to test it further and make it easier and more predictable. Sandbox server will be coming in October, with landmine changes due for the second half. At the moment, one of the priorities is the overwhelming number of battles with 3 SPG in one team, especially at Tier X. Wargaming wants to reduce this number by changing the matchmaker. These changes have already been introduced to the live servers, where the matchmaker will learn how to distribute battles with SPG, between 2-1-0 SPG. The number of battles with 3 SPG should now start going down, but on the other hand, battles with 2-1-0 SPG should increase. About light tanks, at the moment, Wargaming doesn’t want to limit them at all. For now, Wargaming is trying to teach the matchmaker to create more battles with 3-0 light tanks, instead of so many with of 8-5. Making the matchmaking better distribute the light tanks, instead of limiting their number, should have a better result. New branches/tanks: Wargaming confirmed they are working on British wheeled vehicles and Japanese tank destroyers. (Harkonnen: I’ve mentioned earlier this year that Wargaming was working on British wheeled vehicles, seems we might see them next year.) Wargaming is constantly looking into archives for new vehicles, potential new branches, etc. and good Japanese vehicles have been found for the new branch. Japanese tank destroyers will be announced before they are launched as always, keep an eye out for information. A branch of potential double-barreled tanks is already selected and ready to go if Supertest results are positive. (Harkonnen: As I mentioned before in my posts, the vehicles are pretty much ready, the Object 703 Version II has now hit Common Test 1.6.1 and we should expect to see these vehicles either at Christmas or even sooner.)
  3. ai geforge experience ul instalat si actualizat la zi?
  4. Big thank you for phX and asdfasdfasdf for the codes! THUMB STOLENFROMOFFICIALCHANNEL Edit: Poking through the forums I found even more codes just now! STOPASKINGFORCODESPLS MOARRESOURCES DONOTSHARETHISCODEKAPPA NICEANDSHINY And last but not least, a WoT code! 5 battle rental for the Skorpion G! IAMSKORPION
  5. New Vehicles/Dual-Gun Tanks We’re constantly looking for new ways to develop the existing tech trees in our game. We don’t have any master plans for the introduction of specific machines yet, but we’re pondering some interesting concepts. After all, aim has always been to introduce tanks that will provide you with fresh and unique gameplay, and add variety to your daily gaming experience. This is precisely the case with dual-gun vehicles, which are about to enter the closed Supertests. These vehicles will be equipped with two guns, allowing you to shoot both simultaneously and sequentially. We’re actively working on the mechanics of these unusual machines, and their concept may change as a result of testing. Keep your eyes peeled for a Developers Diaries video and a dedicated article to be published tomorrow, going into more detail on these unique battle heroes. Sandbox During the next iteration of the Sandbox, we plan to test reworked mechanics for dealing damage with HE shells. We’re currently testing a system in which the mechanics for dealing damage will be calculated more fairly and become more predictable, both for the player who inflicts it and for the tank hit by a HE shell. All changes from previous Sandbox iterations will be saved. More detailed information on all changes will be published closer to the start of the Sandbox in a dedicated article. We’re going to launch the next iteration this autumn. Everyone is eligible to participate and evaluate the modifications we propose—you just need to download the separate Sandbox client. The changes we’re testing are very important to our game, so we would like to once again invite everyone to share their feedback. The Offspring in Your Garage This year’s WG Fest: Tanker Day is headlined by The Offspring, the legends of the California punk rock scene. Can’t make it to the live show? We’ve got you covered! Starting from September 18, we’ll assemble a virtual stage right in the game Garage, where the band will be performing some of their hottest hits. World of Tanks has never seen anything like it! And there’s more to it. The Offspring can stay in your Garage for good—stay tuned for more details. Mini-Games But let’s get back to the present—the current Tank Festival is still ongoing! Two mini-games will be available very soon in the game client, both with familiar mechanics. They’ll add to the fun, all while you’re winning tickets to complete your festival collection. We’ll take a closer look at these mini-games in a separate article, so stay tuned! The Great Race Great news for those of you who have been waiting so long for the return of this mode! The Great Race has received a considerable revamp, making it even more enjoyable than when it last appeared in 2014. This time, there will be three tanks to choose from, including the legendary Chaffee from the last edition. The Great Race will also host a five-stage tournament, running from September 23 through October 6. It will be incredibly cool, so join a team and prove yourself the real king of the racetrack! Registrations for the tournament will open on September 18. Halloween This year, World of Tanks will celebrate Halloween once again! Get ready to try out the new exciting PvE mode where you will fight evil in a sinister location that changes throughout the course of the battle. This time, the AI ?opponents will be smarter and more complex. Bots will have several roles on the battlefield, show individual behaviours, and react differently to your appearance. Some enemies will constantly haunt you if you approach them, others, on the contrary, will try to run away from your tank, luring you deep into the sinister location. Also, you’ll face a particularly powerful Archenemy—unspeakably evil and impressive. This year, Ito Masahiro, the art director of the first three Silent Hill games, participated in the development of the Halloween mode. This guarantees that the atmosphere and visuals of the event will be better than ever! The Anonymizer The anonymizer is a tool that conceals a player’s real username in battle. This feature was announced at last year’s WG Fest, and is important to our players. The main task of the anonymizer is to maintain a certain privacy in-game, and the tool we’re currently working on can solve this issue. We had several ideas of how the anonymizer should work in World of Tanks, but the most fitting concept for players would be that the player should be anonymous only during battles. How does it work? You select an option in the game settings and activate the anonymizer. The game generates a random username in each battle. It’s not a random string of symbols, but a word that more or less makes sense, so other players won’t even notice that you have the anonymizer turned on. They will only realize it after the battle when they want to see your battle statistics. The anonymizer will let many players feel more comfortable in battle. There will be less “social pressure”, and you’ll be able to play your favorite game in peace. Session Statistics At the time of launch of session statistics, we were already actively working on its second iteration, and are now ready to share our plans with you. Win percentage, number of vehicles destroyed, survival rate, and number of opponents spotted will all be added to the session statistics to make your experience more enjoyable. An options button will be also added to configure the feature to your needs. You will be able to change the priority of economic parameters and select what data will be hidden. In fact, you can enable/disable almost all parameters, all while tracking the average experience earned per session. We also decided to add an option to not reset the stats every day. Now it’s up to the player to decide when their session starts! The new version of session statistics coming out next year will cover several game modes. Your statistics will be available in a special menu where you can see your efficiency in the Frontline mode, for example. Level, Frontline experience, average rank per session, Personal Reserves, Credits—you can see it all. Also, this feature will allow you to analyse your battle efficiency in each mode, including: Damage to main objectives Base capture points Damage by consumables Average blocked damage And much more. Finally, we plan to replace the Personal Rating that’s shown in the Achievements section with WTR.
  6. World of Tanks Developers announced quite a few new things this year at WG Fest. Some are new information, other not so much, either way here’s a resume of all the important information shared. New Minigames will come next week to Tank Festival, to help players complete all the dog tag collections. Wargaming will bring their own version of RTX, made so it can be available to all players. This will allow players to have new quality shadows without the ultra-expensive GPU’s. EnCore will be updated soon and players will be able to download it to test the new improved graphics. Premium shells rework was successful during the Sandbox stage, with over 80% of players liking the changes. A third iteration will be launched soon to test changes to the HE shells. Also, no more invitation needed, Sandbox will be open to all players. Doube Barrel Mechanics and New Branch: A new branch of Soviet vehicles will be added to the game soon (Harkonnen: I’ve heard possibly during Xmas update, but might change) with dual barrel tanks, also called twin-barrel. Supertest will receive the new tanks very soon to perform tests. Players can fire both guns at the same time or fire them individually like Italian autoreloaders. The main difference is, that both shells have the same reload time, and if both guns are fired at the same time, it requires a charge up time before you can do that again. This should reduce the DPM, but allow a burst of damage. Steel Hunter was well received and it will come back next year. Some changes will be introduced. (Harkonnen: I know Wargaming wants to intercalate Frontline with Steel Hunter during 2020 season). Halloween 2019: A brand new event is coming, with a new map and enhanced AI. Homefront bots were a test to the new AI awareness and it was well-received. Silent Hill director participated in the development of this year Halloween event. The new boss will be invincible and can’t be killed (Harkonnen: Strange for a fun mode?). Rewards for old players: Also known as Service Rewards, is coming back and it will continue. The longer the player has been in the game, the more rewards they will get. The T-50-2 was just the first one. Rewards will be announced in a few months. Anonymizer: Players will be able to hide their stats/name. Not even XVM will be able to get information, as the anonymizer hides the player ID. Wargaming also suggested that other players shouldn’t be able to tell if a player is using anonymizer. There is no current plan for Tier IX Premium vehicles, but it might happen in a far future. Wargaming is focusing on bringing new mechanics to the game, so we might see a few new branches added soon, rather than focusing on Nation that would just bring ‘more of the same’. Matchmaker: Templates work and fixed the Tier VIII vs Tier X issue. WG is now working on changes for where special events might affect MM and the next step will be to fix SPG per battle. Fewer battles with three SPG per team and more with two or less. PvE modes are currently being developed and will be coming to the game. (Harkonnen: I’ve announced this last year, where I knew WG was working on several new PvE modes. Halloween event, Homefront, etc, have all been tests for the PvE.) Type 5 changes have worked, now both guns are in similar capability levels. The FV4005 changes have made the tank playstyle different, without compromising the damage so much. The STB changes worked quite well and the tank is very good now. Object 430U changes were cancelled because they didn’t show any promising results. WG doesn’t want to overnerf the tank to avoid the usual nerf-buff-nerf cycle. No plans at all to change RNG from 25%. After shell rebalance, SPG changes might come. (Harkonnen: I’ve been told there are quite big changes planned). French armoured cars aren’t planned to be changed any time soon. They are under constant monitoring but are quite comparable to other nations light tanks. If needed, changes will be introduced in due time. British light tanks were designed to be played in a particular way, and seem to be performing well. (Harkonnen: I think the ‘particular way’ was for them to suck, but OK).
  7. We are especially interested in the gameplay concept, not so much in the dummy vehicle itself. None of this vehicle’s characteristics should be taken seriously. It will give all of you (and us) an insight into what a double-barreled tank could look and play like in World of Tanks. So, let’s break the ice and take a look at the first-ever vehicle with two guns (no, Franken and Stein don’t count) as well as its stats.
  8. Salutare ! imi cer scuze in cazul in care am postat unde nu trebuie. If you are interested in the upcoming submarines, here is how to apply for the test.
  9. With the release of the last micropatch, we disabled in the settings the ability to enable improved graphics on weak computers, as well as on computers running 32-bit operating systems. We understand that everyone likes to play a beautiful game with high quality graphics. But, unfortunately, we had to take this step to provide better game stability and improve performance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  10. Take the quiz! Or alternatively, here’s a list with all the tanks that are available and their 5 battle rental codes: FLQLT432 FLQT26E4 FLQELC90 FLQLOWE FLQT54FP FLQSOMUA FLQWZ120FT FLQFV4202 FLQT34 FLQCAERNARVONAX FLQSKORPIONG FLQSTRVS1 FLQPROGETTOM35 FLQT44100 FLQM4190MM FLQLORRAINE
  11. Dear Commanders, The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 10.08.2019 for approximately 25 minutes: Both servers starting from 06:30 CEST WoT EU1 starting from 07:00 CEST WoT EU2 starting from 07:30 CEST Roll out!
  12. Nu are rost ca ne enervam cu persoane ca el
  13. Mai baiatule,tu cand vorbesti macar gandesti ce zici? Si apoi va mai mirati unii dintre voi de se sa inchis bazarul.Deja prima impresie care mi ai lasat o a fost ca vrei sa faci bisnitareala cu contul altuia,si mai ales sa obtii o suma frumusica de bani daca respectivul cont are cateva tancuri de 8,ca sa nu mai vorbesc de statistici.
  14. CZOLGISTA Gives: Tier 6 Polish medium tank Pudel 7 days of premium account
  15. Patch 1.6 armor model changes: Side armor buffed from 50mm to 100mm Lower plate nerfed from 210mm to 160mm
  16. Mai baiatule,tu cand vorbesti macar gandesti ce zici? Si apoi va mai mirati unii dintre voi de se sa inchis bazarul.Deja prima impresie care mi ai lasat o a fost ca vrei sa faci bisnitareala cu contul altuia,si mai ales sa obtii o suma frumusica de bani daca respectivul cont are cateva tancuri de 8,ca sa nu mai vorbesc de statistici.
  17. CAPTUREDSTREAM19 This one is already known for few weeks, but WG had an error associated with it. Now the code fully works and the rewards are attainable. Gives a mission for bunch of inscriptions and combat reserves.
  18. Today, we have big news: the Turtle Mk. I, a British Tier VIII TD, is about to hit the Supertest. It’s similar to the British assault tank line spearheaded by the FV217 Badger, both in appearance and stats. Its survivability reaches 1,400 HP, and the frontal armour is 228 mm thick, which is quite impressive. However, everything has its price. The Turtle Mk. I suffers from low mobility, like most vehicles of its line. With a top speed of 20 km/h, we recommend choosing your flank during the countdown and sticking to it until the end of the battle. That said, the Turtle Mk. I has an ace up its sleeve: its gun. It reloads in 6.6 s with an average damage per shot of 330 points. So, its DPM reaches 3,000, one of the highest values in the entire game! The accuracy and aiming time are decent as well: 0.34 m at 100 m and 1,7 s, respectively. Dealing with enemy armour won’t be much of an issue: the standard shells (AP) penetrate 217 mm and the special rounds (APCR) 245 mm of effective armour. One more thing: the gun depression angle is -10° and the horizontal gun arc is 20° each to the left and the right. Let’s sum up: though the Turtle Mk. I fires much faster than it rolls! Its survivability and firepower help you to destroy the enemy before they know what’s going on. If protected from a rear attack, the Turtle Mk. I can succeed in keeping the enemy at bay and breaking their defences.
  19. T-116, tier 3 russian light tank can be obtained for 5 tokens (Tier 1 reward) during the Tank Festival 2019. Presumably, from August 6 (with the start of the servers). In the picture you can also see other rewards for tokens.
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