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  1. Take the quiz! Or alternatively, here’s a list with all the tanks that are available and their 5 battle rental codes: FLQLT432 FLQT26E4 FLQELC90 FLQLOWE FLQT54FP FLQSOMUA FLQWZ120FT FLQFV4202 FLQT34 FLQCAERNARVONAX FLQSKORPIONG FLQSTRVS1 FLQPROGETTOM35 FLQT44100 FLQM4190MM FLQLORRAINE
  2. Dear Commanders, The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 10.08.2019 for approximately 25 minutes: Both servers starting from 06:30 CEST WoT EU1 starting from 07:00 CEST WoT EU2 starting from 07:30 CEST Roll out!
  3. Nu are rost ca ne enervam cu persoane ca el
  4. Mai baiatule,tu cand vorbesti macar gandesti ce zici? Si apoi va mai mirati unii dintre voi de se sa inchis bazarul.Deja prima impresie care mi ai lasat o a fost ca vrei sa faci bisnitareala cu contul altuia,si mai ales sa obtii o suma frumusica de bani daca respectivul cont are cateva tancuri de 8,ca sa nu mai vorbesc de statistici.
  5. CZOLGISTA Gives: Tier 6 Polish medium tank Pudel 7 days of premium account
  6. Patch 1.6 armor model changes: Side armor buffed from 50mm to 100mm Lower plate nerfed from 210mm to 160mm
  7. Mai baiatule,tu cand vorbesti macar gandesti ce zici? Si apoi va mai mirati unii dintre voi de se sa inchis bazarul.Deja prima impresie care mi ai lasat o a fost ca vrei sa faci bisnitareala cu contul altuia,si mai ales sa obtii o suma frumusica de bani daca respectivul cont are cateva tancuri de 8,ca sa nu mai vorbesc de statistici.
  8. CAPTUREDSTREAM19 This one is already known for few weeks, but WG had an error associated with it. Now the code fully works and the rewards are attainable. Gives a mission for bunch of inscriptions and combat reserves.
  9. Today, we have big news: the Turtle Mk. I, a British Tier VIII TD, is about to hit the Supertest. It’s similar to the British assault tank line spearheaded by the FV217 Badger, both in appearance and stats. Its survivability reaches 1,400 HP, and the frontal armour is 228 mm thick, which is quite impressive. However, everything has its price. The Turtle Mk. I suffers from low mobility, like most vehicles of its line. With a top speed of 20 km/h, we recommend choosing your flank during the countdown and sticking to it until the end of the battle. That said, the Turtle Mk. I has an ace up its sleeve: its gun. It reloads in 6.6 s with an average damage per shot of 330 points. So, its DPM reaches 3,000, one of the highest values in the entire game! The accuracy and aiming time are decent as well: 0.34 m at 100 m and 1,7 s, respectively. Dealing with enemy armour won’t be much of an issue: the standard shells (AP) penetrate 217 mm and the special rounds (APCR) 245 mm of effective armour. One more thing: the gun depression angle is -10° and the horizontal gun arc is 20° each to the left and the right. Let’s sum up: though the Turtle Mk. I fires much faster than it rolls! Its survivability and firepower help you to destroy the enemy before they know what’s going on. If protected from a rear attack, the Turtle Mk. I can succeed in keeping the enemy at bay and breaking their defences.
  10. T-116, tier 3 russian light tank can be obtained for 5 tokens (Tier 1 reward) during the Tank Festival 2019. Presumably, from August 6 (with the start of the servers). In the picture you can also see other rewards for tokens.
  11. Our friend Sanya @SanyaTranslate has released this post: Attachment: The Czechoslovakian map contour and the flag means likely one thing, Škoda T 27 premium tank. However, here the message is more interesting than the attachment, with “let’s go back to the beginning. I have to say: this is not what you thought.” being a particularly interesting part. Let’s backpedal a bit. The two first posts were these: First one with the icon of some sort of event is still unknown, but the second with the tickets has been leaked by the russians. First option: As the tickets relate to an upcoming Tank Fair event (similar to black market), it is likely that Škoda T 27 will be sold, or, with the second icon being relatively unknown, it will be a reward of some sort of event (It is also possible that the icon will be for the tank races, which are coming in early August).
  12. WoT Birthday August 2nd marks the annual (who knew?) WoT birthday, with free creditspremium tank. This time it might be the AM 39 Gendron-Somua, tier II wheeled car, but nothing is certain. WoT 1.6 release Containing new tanks, more maps, rebalances for missions and a farewell for the team battles mode and team damage, this patch is coming out on August 6th. Return of tank races Coming out very soon, likely on August 7th. Will feature your favourite speed criminal, the M24 Chaffee. Tank Fair This event is also coming very soon. All that is known that the event will be somewhat similar to the Black Market, prepare your wallets. More information is bound to come out soon. (Take this info with a pinch of salt) However, more information has come out from our friendly russian leaker Sanya on twitter. It is possible that Škoda T 27 will be sold during this event or will have its own marathon (which is unlikely since WG has said in their recent QnA, that all marathons are on cease until September). Gamescom 2019 Set for August 21 – 24th, bonuses for the community and announcements for all WG titles (Caliber and Pagan Online). Don’t expect much as main crème de la crème is scheduled for WGFest in September.
  13. Tank Commanders, Please be informed that the World of Tanks periphery servers will be down for maintenance on 31 July, 2019 between 05:00 – 05:45 UTC+8 to deploy micropatch 1.5.1_7 The game and clan portal will be unavailable during the maintenance period. Patch Notes Fixed the issue when a new vehicle could not be selected after the previous one was destroyed in the Homefront mode. Fixed the issue when AI-controlled vehicles had pathfinding issues in battles at the Western Front of the Homefront mode. Improved the matchmaker in the Homefront mode. Fixed some technical issues.
  14. This comes from multiple sources, predominantly the russian “Sanya” account that leaks upcoming events: If you haven’t read the first tank racing tease, check that first, but the very latest post reads: More importantly, the image attached: It’s clear as day that tank racing returns sometime in the near future, but russian sources are predicting that we’ll see the event make a long overdue return on August 7th. Keep your eyes peeled on the news portals and don’t miss the latest news here on TAP!
  15. Our mysterious twitter users drops more bombshells, this time it’s as follows: Attached to the post is the image of a VK 16.02 Leopard As post hints at, there is a secret message in the picture, or rather, a link to an .gif file uploaded to imgur. If you can’t see it, zoom in over the gap between the tank’s right track and side of the hull. The link leads us to an interesting climax: The person in the picture is none other than the General Adna R. Chaffee, the “namesake” of American M24 Chaffee, after whom the tank was named. The cryptic key being placed onto a photo of General Chaffee can only mean one thing, Chaffee races are back!
  16. Commanders! What’s most useful, is it Personal Reserves, is it consumables, or is it great sums of XP? How about all of these together? From 30 July at 07:00 CEST to 6 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) enjoy an all-rounder week, featuring diverse challenges, and the rewards that go with it, of course! All-Rounder Missions All-Rounder #1 Rewards 3 Personal Reserves: +200% Free XP for 1 hour 1 token for the “All-Rounder #2” mission Objective Earn 30,000 Base XP over any amount of battles Restrictions Only in Random Battles Only in Tier IV-X vehicles Once per account All-Rounder #2 Rewards 3 Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours 2 Large Repair Kits 2 Large First Aid Kits 2 Automatic Fire Extinguishers 1 token for the “All-Rounder 3” mission Objective Assist in dealing 10,000 damage by destroying enemy tracks over any amount of battles Restrictions Only in Random Battles Only in Tier IV-X vehicles Once per account You need the token from the “All-Rounder #1” mission All-Rounder #3 Rewards 3 Personal Reserves: +50% XP for 1 hour 20,000 Objective Deal 50,000 damage over any amount of battles Restrictions Only in Random Battles Only in Tier IV-X vehicles Once per account You need the token from the “All-Rounder #2” mission
  17. Commanders! As per tradition, August has always been very eventful for World of Tanks, especially because of our presence at gamescom. Anyway, let’s jump right in: Top of the Tree 1-31 August: Our traditional monthly special is here for another episode. As usual, enjoy huge discounts on all vehicles of a selected tank branch as well as missions with amazing prizes. Don’t forget that you can still benefit from the current Top of the Tree special, featuring the WZ-111 model 5A line. XP Fever 3-5 August: XP… XP everywhere! Make the most of this special and blast through the tank lines! HIGHLIGHT Tons of XP up for grabs Crew Boost 10-12 August: Use this neat little special event to get your British light tank crews up to speed with the harsh environments of World of Tanks. HIGHLIGHT x2 Crew XP Xtra Progress 17-19 August: Finish small missions to get XP for your favourite vehicles. We have got something for pretty much all Tiers in the game. HIGHLIGHT Complete missions for XP gamescom 2019 21-25 August: For one of the biggest gaming events in the world, we obviously have something big in store for you. HIGHLIGHT x5 XP on the first victory Crew is Crucial 31 August – 2 September: We’ll end this month with a classic: Crew is Crucial. Spread the word with your favourite tankers! HIGHLIGHT Bonus for your Crew We actually have a couple of big things in stock for you, which we’re not spoiling for now. Visit our website regularly to stay up to date!
  18. CATCHMEIFUCAN (3x “Captain America” Inscription) TOMORROW4MORE (2x Personal Reserves for Crew XP)
  19. List: YOUFOUNDME SLOWBUTFURIOUS KEEPWATCHING ONESHOTONEKILL FIREPOWER Codes themselves give combat reserves, inscriptions “Włodzimierz Majakowski” and “Bismarck”. If you use all 5 codes, as a bonus you will receive a garage slot and the style “Made in Germany”.
  20. Now from Britain to Germany. 7th Twitch Prime set. Everything is known, except for the 2nd rental tank, will be tier 6 – 7. The package is called “Golf”), Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 will be the rental tank this month. Added yesterday with micropatch: • Ferdinand “Der Käfer” Folk: – New exclusive German commander with 3 skills. Only for the german nation. “The German officer school has raised an excellent specialist who can squeeze the maximum result out of any tank.” • Emblem “Always on time” – non-historical. The price of 50 gold (not for sale), for any nation and tier. * Emblem issued to the participants of the live action. • Medal “German quality” – again updated under the new package. * Medal given to the participants of the live action.
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