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  1. https://wot-life.com/eu/player/Norfolk_3-545714131 Azi am jucat cu el in echipa
  2. WoT/WoWS Bonus Codes 2017-03-26 ~ THEARMOREDPATROL ~ 4 COMMENTS Posted on the WoT and WoWS Facebook pages. WoT: P0W3RH0UR The WoT one gives some personal reserves for more XP. WoWS: KR4K3NT1M3 Please leave feedback so I can update the post accordingly. Sursa: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/
  3. Linkul : http://worldoftanks.eu/en/tankopedia/#wot&w_m=tanks
  4. In joc intri pe Tech Tree şi vezi toate tancurile pe naţiuni sau în Tankopedia de pe situl Wargaming
  5. [World of Tanks] Micropatch 2017-03-08 ~ SEBASTIANUL ~ 25 COMMENTS NA announcement: Attention Tankers! There are plans to release Micropatch 9.17.1_2 on March 9th, 2017 Maintenance will begin at 01:00 Pacific Time (09:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour. During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable. Patchnotes: Fixed the issue with a spontaneous switch from the full-screen to windowed mode when logging in to the Garage Fixed the issue with the di
  6. Am dezinstalat XVM si nu mai am Lag
  7. Si Wn 8 (mod_calculator_rankings_battle)
  8. La cercetarea componentelor pentru tancuri se blocheaza. Afiseaza "Ïnterfata se incarca" si ramane blocat.
  9. Eu am lag la fiecare lupta. Trag si dupa 2-3 se. se vede lovitura. Si la deplasare la fel.
  10. Si eu am fost scos din joc azi de 3 ori. S-a intrerupt conexiunea, tot de la RDS
  11. (EU) December Specials 2016-12-02 ~ SEBASTIANUL ~ 11 COMMENTS Thanks to DemoN_M4U for translating 3-10 December – discount on normal and premium tiers II-V, missions for consumables and crew xp personal reserves 10-16 December – x3 for first win, discount on camo, inscriptions, emblems, tier VI and VII tanks(excludes swedish), mission 25k xp (must be top 10 in battle) for consumables and crew xp personal reserves 24.12-01.01 – discount on 180 and 360 days of prem account, VIII – X normal tanks (excluding swedish) and VIII prem tanks
  12. In tabul cu misiuni la misunea "my dicker max" ( care este invalid) ai sa vezi de cate ori mai ai de facut misiunea.
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