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  1. 0744240093 ma puteti contacta sau pe faceboom Rovenco Silviu
  2. “Its an EU server acount that has on it 42.05 k battles 51.25 winrate 5.5k credits, 2k gold ,2k bonds X level tanks Obj 430 u, Grille 15,IS7,OBJ 277,OBJ260,M48 Patton,T57 Heavy,T110E4,AMX 13 105,Bat-chat 25,Foch 50 b and 155,FV4005 Stage II,Type 5 Heavy,Tvp t 50/51.You can buy X level that are allready reserched IS 4 Obj 268, Obj 140,T62 A,OBJ 261,Jg Pze E100,121,Wz 132-1,Kranvagn.IX Level t 55 A plus on tech tree that you can buy,VIII premium tanks Skorpion G,Panther8.8,STG,IS3A,SU 100 30 PM,T26E5,REVALORISE,AMX CDC,LORR 40T,Caernarvorn AX.VII Level AMX 13 57 SU 122 44,m12,VI T 50-2,SU100Y,CR
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