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  1. Ce sa zic, depinde de caz. Eu am jucat destul cu Emil si pot zice ca ma invatat multe de la el. Am facut un pas enorm mai ales la tancurile medii. PS. M-am ales cu un prieten datorita acestui forum + cateva shaorme
  2. As fi interesat ! Nu detin toate tancurile din prima postare si nici cerintele de wn8. Ms
  3. Am creat contul acum si am primit si codul. Merge GG Information! You're in the queue! Your approximate wait time is less than 60 minutes. You will be notified via email if you have been assigned a code. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ's Key Giveaways section. In the meantime, check out our other giveaways while you wait.
  4. Nu era in ultima linie, avea o arty in spate : SILENT :
  5. WG recunoaste ca sistemul lor e de cacao.... ENGLISH Dear Commander, A technical error in our bot & cheat detection system has accidentally banned multiple accounts – yours included, which should not have received any sanction. We are sincerely sorry for this mistake and any inconvenience that we have caused you. Please be assured, we have taken actions to avoid similar mistakes in the future and we have made changes to our internal workflows to ensure action is taken more swiftly in the future. As a token of gratitude for your continuous support and in compensation for the inconvenience we caused, your account has been credited with 10 days of premium time and 2500 gold. Sincerely Muhsin Yaramis Head of Customer Service Europe
  6. Ti-au murit laudatori ? Pot sa-i raspund? Mai bine nu, ca se arunca cu o shoarma unde trebuie (la Dumnezeu adica) si ma trezesc cu ban.
  7. In cazul meu nu . M53 este mult mai bun ca si T 92.
  8. Am vrut sa platesc in avans dar nu ai raspuns la telefon. PS, Shaorma este la fel de buna.
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