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  1. salut , cred ca a ramas ceva agatat prin c:users stergel iar si incearca sa stergi si din c:users/numepc/appdata/roaming bafta
  2. la mine e I WANT TO BE A MILLIONARE fgm wg 1mil credite
  3. pune windows dinou , asta daca nu ai moduri si toate cele , sau sterge folderu wargaming din users
  4. da un reinstall la joc ca merge
  5. clanul nos e o cauza pierduta de foarte mult timp ,traieste doar din amintiri acum
  6. daca ai statisticile aseta este foarte bine inseamna ca intelegi jocu rapid ,bafta in continuare ( asta daca nu esti reroll )
  7. halfdead


    carabus = cărăbúș : PWNBURN : ?
  8. scoate modurile , sau un reinstall la joc si isi revine
  9. pai cam asta e problema pe forum , oamenii care isi ascund numele contului de obicei sunt slabi , avand user castana , am crezut ca esti incepator ,asadar am tratat problema aferent pe barosaneala , ai 15k batalii dar numele contului nu il spui
  10. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/ver915/ With the current version, sound effects of tank battles have been changed completely, and vehicle movement physics has become more realistic. The update has brought some fresh air to the game, new opportunities and new impressions. The changes that took place haven’t left any tanker indifferent – players have been discussing the new features since and have shared their thoughts about them. Having analyzed the feedback helped us to determine a range of points that need to be worked on in regard to the physical model of vehicle movement and sound scape of a battle. What exactly will be changed in 9.15 update? Read on to find out! Vehicle movement physicsImproved vehicle movement physics fixed the problems which sometimes faced, such as getting stuck when traversing slopes, reduced speed when driving through small obstacles. Also, new vehicles manoeuvres have appeared. But besides the positive points, the analysis of players’ feedback has determined a range of valid points that need a solution. The most critical ones are: Frequent flipping of vehicles when driving at high speed on irregular terrain Vehicles getting stuck after partial hull contact with an obstacle (houses, rocks, enemy vehicles, etc.) A large amount of damage received when falling Currently, solutions are being developed that will fix the aforementioned issues with Update 9.15. SoundsBeside the fixes for physics, Version 9.15 will also slightly amend the new sound system: Improving the sound of a shell hitting a tank Adding a switch-on sound for Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net Revising criteria of changing the sound of damage penetration, depending on the number of HP taken: 0-17% - small damage, 17-35% - medium damage, more than 35% - high damage Adding the ability to select the type of speaker system (2.0 or 2.1) in the settings menu Supporting modifications of sound component of WoT. Keep your eyes open for more info about Update 9.15 coming soon!
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