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  1. Nume clan: XPRO Adresa spre pagina clanului: https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500062345/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wot-portal Numar de jucatori (12.09.2016): 22 Persoane de contact:, INDIAN_STYL3,Backstabber1, Darius_BV,Mr.Blondu Data infiintarii clanului: 25.03.2015 Program de comunicare: TeamSpeak: Cerinte: For joining us you need CW experience at all tiers ,at least 51% win rate ,minimum 1400+ wn8 overall and in the last 30 days at least blue 2000+ 2 tier X tanks for CW and SH 2 tier VIII tanks for CW and SH 2 tier VI tanks for CW and SH You need team speak 3 , brain and skills ATENTIE !!! -we don't need new players .. we are not here to learn them ... for this are more then 5k clans
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