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  1. salut si La multi ani ! nu stii de unde pot sa trag moduri gen tundra ,aim bot etc packurile talae erau foarte bune pacat ca nu se mai pot pune pe forum.

  2. ma intereseaza un mod bun 


  3. am descarcat link de pe facebook  pt limba romana si nu functioneaza poate ma ajuti  multumesc  faci o treaba extraordinara dai inainte

  4. salut Costy , te rpg spune-mi de unde altundeva pot lua modul tau...multumesc.

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    2. mihacernat


      pe face buci ...


    3. vasy35


      nu mai e nici pe facebook ca l-au raportat si iau inchis contu


    4. maxu08


      daca te decizi sa le postezi in alta parte, te rog sa gasesti timp sa ne dai un mesaj privat, aici :)


  5. salut. imi poti recomanda un site  de unde sa iau moduri? ms anticipat

    am incercat pe facebook dar vad ca ai dezactivat contul

  6. NORMAL ..... Tu nu ai vazut ce scrie acolo OUT OFF .... de amoru' artei .... only a joke
  7. MA bag si eu in seama ... doar de amoru' artei. (OUT OFF THE SHOW)
  8. INTERESANT.. NU !!! By Polar Fox in Cheats from Polar Fox, Thursday at 09:00 PM I think everyone already saw the news about fair play, about the ban for using prohibited mods. Game client doesn't have tracking code (at this time). No reasons for concern, it's just an act of intimidation (I'm sure many people remove many mods). If anything changes we'll report...
  9. NU VOR FACE NIMIC, nu au interes, daca vroiau o faceau demult, este o "vanatoare de vrajitoare" . Atat timp cat exista "res_mods" avem aprobarea lor tacita de a face ce vrem, multe din modurile dezvoltate de jucatori acum sunt implementate in joc...de ce sa cheltuie timp si bani cand pot avea gratis. DACA VROIAU FAIR PLAY este extrem de simplu, elimini "res_mods" si END THE STORY .... dar nu o vor face, nu au sistem de urmarire a clientului de joc ... vor face ceva, asa de ochii lumi, dar nimic serios... 70% din jucatori folosesc moduri .... sa fim seriosi, banezi 70% din jucatori ... s-o vad si pasta.
  10. nu verifica..nu au un "sistem track" pentru clientul de joc, python.log este cea mai simpla metoda si cea mai practica.
  11. Una din metodele de verificare este: python.log Deschideti si veti vedea ca absolut toul este acolo, o metoda simpla de protectie este ilustrata mai jos:
  12. Commanders, Over the course of this last year, we’ve been working hard to take on your feedback to improve the very core of the game. One of the foremost concerns on your minds has been fair play and how it is often disturbed with modifications or any other unauthorized third-party software that provide those using them with unfair advantage in combat. These mods spoil the fun for the many of you who play the game fairly. While we have quietly taken actions to defeat certain cheat mods over the past several months, we also realize that we haven’t set you straight on the list of modifications we view as cheats and the reasoning behind it. Nor have we been as consistent as we should in addressing instances of cheating. So, today, we’re here to get things right: We’ll continue to expand our work on anti-cheating technology solutions. We are being realistic about the problem: we can’t promise that the game will be 100% cheat free one day. Cheaters are clever and tackling them will go on forever. What we can promise you is that we will keep up the fight to keep competition as clean as possible, reduce the incidences of cheating, and take action against those who don't play fair. We’ve outlined a clear list of illegal mods that we will share with you here and now. Moving forward, we’ll be keeping an eye on new mods and update the list accordingly. We’re also establishing a clear penalty system. It is uniform across all regions and applies to everyone found to be using prohibited software. Players who are caught using forbidden mods for the first time, instead of earning their way in fair combat, will receive a warning and a suspension of 7 days. Should they get flagged again, they will be permanently banned. Before punishing a player, our team will review the case to ensure the discipline is merited. We’re asking you to trust in their decisions. They are under no obligation to provide the player evidence or explain which mod type the player was found to be using, and will not do so even if requested. DESPRE ASTA ESTE VORBA .... dar nu v-a speriati, ATAT timp cat bagi bani serios in joc..tip, 20-30 tancuri premium, zile premium, etc ...poti sta linistit, NU TE BANEAZA NICI DRACU ! Sa fim seriosi...nimeni nu arunca Closca cu oua de aur. Probat personal.
  13. Oricum este binevenit...pentru simplu fapt ca este o optiune, si fiecare isi asuma optiunile de joc, chiar numai ca probeaza din curiozitate.
  14. salut costy

    eu nu prea le am cu aceste instalari si am dat gres undeva ,am descarcat un mod pack de la tine, am sters res modul,am instalat mod pack-ul si sa dau drumu la joc imi apare o eroare,poti sa-mi explici cum sar zice mai babeste :)

    sa-mi explici pe etape te rog

    mersi de intelegere

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    2. clauu


      asa am facut cum e scris acolo

      si sa dau start wot,imi apare aceasta eroare

      unhandled exception has occurred in you aplication. if you click continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you clic quit the aplication will close immediately. 

      the system cannot find the file specified 

      nu prea inteleg enleza si nu inteleg la ce se refera


    3. clauu


      apropo am uitat sa-ti spun ca wot-ul il am instalat in d 

      ar fii o problema asta?

    4. clauu


      costy am rezolvato

      am sters jocul si l-am instalat in partitia c si am reinstalat si modul de la tine acuma merge

      e bestial modul, atata tot ca nu am o unitate chiar buna dar oricum merge 

      BRAVOO tie si mersi ca ni lai dat si noua

      succes in continuare

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