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Iau exemplul lui Aemilius si pun si eu aici replay-urile mele cele mai reusite. Enjoy!

O sa continui sa updatez acest post si o sa fac aici o lista cu toate bataliile. Joc in special la tier 10, cu medium-uri, dar e posibil sa apara si replay-uri cu tancuri heavy! Toate replay-urile care le voi urca vor avea un minim de 7000 damage dat sau o medalie epica. Ce puteti invata din aceste replay-uri este cum sa va pozitionati cu un tanc mediu pe diferite harti. Sper sa va ajute!

E 50 M games:
E 50 M - Ruinberg on Fire (Encounter - North Spawn) - 7595 Damage
E 50 M - South Coast (Standard - South Spawn) - 7284 Damage
E 50 M - Malinovka (Encounter - North Spawn) - 7250 Damage
E 50 M - Ruinberg (Encounter - South Spawn) - 7100 Damage
E 50 M - Swamp (Standard - West Spawn) - 7090 Damage


Leo 1 games:
Leo 1 - Himmelsdorf (Standard - North Spawn) - 7656 Damage

Leo 1 - Steppes (Encounter - North Spawn) - 7161 Damage

Leo 1 - Malinovka (Standard - South Spawn) - 7116 Damage


T-62A games:
T-62A - Fiery Salient (Encounter - South Spawn) - 7606 Damage
T-62A - Murovanka (Standard - North Spawn) - 7109 Damage


Obj. 140 games:

Obj. 140 - South Coast (Standard - North Spawn) - 7029 Damage


E5 games:

T110E5 - Malinovka (Encounter - East Spawn) - 8100 Damage 

T110E5 - Tundra (Standard - North Spawn) - 7542 Damage


Poftiti prima batalie:

Harta: Himmelsdorf (Standard - North Spawn)
Tanc: Leopard 1 
Music: Dilated Peoples - "Worst Comes to Worst" (Instrumental)


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Harta: Fiery Salient (Encounter - South Spawn)
Tanc: T-62A

Music: RA The Rugged Man - "Chains" (Instrumental)




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felicitari pentru meciurile bune.. o intrebare totusi.. ce melodie ai folosit pentru replay-ul cu leopard ?

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Merci, o sa mai vina replay-uri. :)

Piesa folosita e instrumentalul de la Dilated Peoples -  Worst Comes to Worst


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Harta: Swamp (Standard - West Spawn)
Tanc: E 50 M


Music: Cunninlynguists - "Takin' the Loss" (Instrumental)







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Harta: Ruinberg on Fire (Encounter - North Spawn)
Tanc: E 50 M


Music: Atmosphere - "Sunshine" (Instrumental)




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