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[DISC] Recruteaza !!! WN8 1700+

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[DISC] Discover your limits - DISC is part of the ARCANII community - International Clan
Only by pushing yourself to the limit, you'll discover your limits


Nume clan: DISC
 Pagina principala a clanului: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500057859/
 Numar de jucatori: 70
 Persoane de contact: Bittersweet_love, Strik3r06, Nogo, _Pospec_, elcampo
 Data infiintarii clanului: 14/12/2014
 Program de comunicare: TeamSpeak (
Conditii de recrutare:
 - minim 2 x tier 10
 - minim 1700 WN8 (recent 2000+)
 - varsta +18




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lol.Inca un clan?Cate o sa va mai faceti?


Clanul asta nu e facut de noi , el exista doar ca de azi a intrat in comunitate 

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