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Clanul GS-G >> recruteaza!

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Ordin de incorporare!
[GS-G] Gold&Salt Guardians


Clanul GS-G recruteaza tanchisti/e care au bun simt,
onoare, respect fata de ceilalti, simtul
umorului si vor sa se distreze ! 

Conquer the world just for fun


Cerinte :


- + 18 ani !

- minim tier 8

- Raidcall


Cei care doresc sa intre in clan ma puteti cauta in joc, avand ID : alexfullmax

sau pe Raidcall ID :  7932275


[GS-G] Gold&Salt Guardians
Guardians of the valuable heritage of our ancestors: this land, blessed with gold and salt.
       Guardians of the valuable heritage of our ancestors: this land, blessed with gold and salt. To recall the fact we have here everything we will ever need. It was once the nucleus of the Kingdom of Dacia (82 BC–106 AD). The Greeks referred to them as the Getae, which were specifically a branch of the Thracians north of the Haemus range. 
      Dacia was bounded in the south approximately by the Danubius river (Danube), in Greek sources the Istros, or at its greatest extent, by the Haemus Mons (the Balkan Mountains). Moesia (Dobrogea), a region south of the Danube, was a core area where the Getae lived and interacted with the Ancient Greeks. In the east it was bounded by the Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea) and the river Danastris (Dniester), in Greek sources the Tyras. But several Dacian settlements are recorded between the rivers Dniester and Hypanis (Southern Bug), and the Tisia (Tisa) to the west. This is our precious heritage!

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