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Andrei Nicu

World of Tanks Supertest – Lansen C

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Imagini pentru world of tanks lansen c

Today the supertest welcomes a really fast Swedish tank. Lansen C is a medium tank with a truly exceptional weight / power ratio – 28.4 bhp / t, which accelerates up to 50 km / h. What’s better, the host of the North reaches it very quickly and can keep it on any terrain. In addition, there is still an impressive 10.5 cm gun, which deals 320 points of damage with each hit. To compensate for the high level of alpha a tier VIII damage, accuracy and targeting parameters will make it impossible to become an effective sniper.


Lansen C. Initial parameters:

Level: MT-8, Sweden, premium
Hit Points: 1 350
Engine power: 680 HP
Power per ton: 28.39 HP / t
Maximum speed / reverse speed: 50 / -20 km / h
Rotation speed: 36 ° / s
Tower rotation speed: 32 ° / s
visual range: 380 m

Shell Hull: 100/40/25

Armor tower: 70/70/30

Damage 320/320/420
Penetration 208/242/53
charging time: 9.2 seconds
Dispersion at 100 m: 0.38
Target time: 2.5 s
depression / elevation: -10 ° / 20 °

Even the level of protection is not surprising. To take care of your life, you need to rely on mobility and depression (-10 degrees), not on armor.

Lansen C is a vehicle designed to occupy key positions at the start of the battle. After starting the battle, you can also take a position with a good view against one of the slowest enemy vehicles, which still has a long way to go to reach the positions. Do not hesitate to ask the allies for support, because the machine can not face one-on-one duels. You can also help yourself by dealing a lot of damage over an average distance.

As always, tank statistics can change based on test results. Follow the news and good luck in the battles!

source – rykoszet.info

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