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Andrei Nicu

World of Tanks Supertest - Hotchkiss EBR

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Today, the new tier 7 wheeled vehicle for the French line - Hotchkiss EBR - has arrived on supertest, complete with 6 wheels (3 axles), a 75 mm gun, and access to the "charge" ability (allowing it to launch at higher speeds from a standstill)! Check it out!
Greetings Tankers, 

Rolling onto the Supertest today is the French tier VII wheeled armoured car, the Hotchkiss EBR. We’re going to assess the statistical balance and continue battle-testing the new game mechanics. When we’re through, we’ll decide on the release set of game mechanics and the finalization of the entire wheeled vehicle mini-branch.

The Hotchkiss EBR is a ‘transitional’ vehicle introducing the players to the peculiar gameplay of top-tier wheeled armoured cars. It lacks the two driving modes like them, but it does have the Charge ability and the special lock-on feature. It also has an auto-reloading 75-mm gun. The dynamics and manoeuvrability of the Hotchkiss EBR are lower than those of the tier VIII–X vehicles. Additionally, the absence of the Drive (fast) results in a lesser top speed.

Depending on test results, the stats of the Hotchkiss EBR may change. Follow the news and all the luck in your battles!

Good hunting! 


Initial Parameters

Main Characteristics Armor Protection
  • Tier: LT-7, France, standard
  • Strength: 750
  • Engine power: 540 hp
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 36 HP / t
  • Maximum forward/ reverse speed: 75 / -45 km / h
  • Hull traverse speed: 34 ° / s
  • Turret rotation speed: 55 ° / s
  • View range: 310 m
Armor Protection
  • Hull armor: 40/20/20 mm
  • Turret armor: 40/20/20 mm
Cannon: 75 mm
  • Damage: 175/175/260
  • Penetration: 160/190/75 mm
  • Reload time: 6.56 sec
  • Accuracy at 100 m: 0.4
  • Aiming time: 1.6 s
  • Gun depression / elevation limits: -10 ° / 20 °

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