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Andrei Nicu

Supertest: TVP T 27 Premium Czech Medium Tank

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World of Tanks is getting a brand new Czechoslovakian tank: TVP T 27. This tank will be the first ever Premium Tier VIII medium tank for the Czechoslovakian tech tree, something players have been long asking for.



A medium tank sporting an autoloader system, it will fit right into the Czechoslovakian tanks play style. Gameplay-wise, it’s much like the top-tier progression vehicles of the same nation.

The crew composition is also the same as the top-tier one, making it a good crew trainer. The autoloader drum of the TVP T 27 holds three rounds and takes 20 seconds to fully reload. The time between shots is 1.8 seconds. The tank is armed with an 88-mm gun which deals 240 points of alpha damage and is most effective at close and mid-range.


Its aiming time is 1.9 seconds, and the dispersion is 0.38 m at a range of 100 meters. Among the other strengths of this tank are its gun depression and mobility. Its vulnerabilities come with its relatively large size and rather lack of protection.




The TVP T 27 will be far more superior to the regular TVP VTU, but it will be a better fit to the Czechoslovakian play-style. Hopefully, we will see a rebalance to the regular tank too, as it’s rather lacking at the moment and considered by many one of the worse Tier VIII in the game, if not the worse. Are you excited to see this vehicle coming to the game? Let us know in the comment section.


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