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Vand cont cu 56 tier X si 46 tier VIII premium, 10 tier VII premium si 18 tier VI premium.

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Multiple tranzactii efectuate, zeci de clienti multumiti! 


Majoritatea tancurilor sunt echipate cu module (vstab/rammer/optics/egld/vents). 




Persoanele interesate sunt rugate sa ma contacteze prin mesaj privat, in acest fel o sa primesc notificare si o sa raspund in cel mai scurt timp posibil!


Zile premium in data de 28.03.2019 -> 459
Gold: 8k
Credite: 24.000.0000
Free exp: 200k
Bonduri: 6.353
Batalii: 42k
WR: 49%
WN8: 1.100

Contul este pentru pasionati, o gramada de tancuri rare si o investitie destul de mare in cont, dupa cum se observa in poze.

Tancuri de tier X in garaj: E100, Maus, Pz> Kpfw. VII, E 50M, Leopard 1, Grille 15, GWE 100, IS-7, Obj 277, Obj 705A, Obj 430U, Obj 140, K-91, T-62A, T-100LT, Obj 268 4, Obj 268, Obj 261, T57 Heavy, M48 Patton, Sheridan, T110E4, T110E3, T92 HMC, AMX 50B, AMX M4 54, BC 25t, AMX 30B, AMX 13 105, Foch B, B-C 155 58, S Conqueror, FV215b, Centurion AX, FV215b 183, FV4005, Badger, ConeruorGC, WZ-111 5A, 113, 121, WZ-113G FT, Type 5 Heavy, STB-1, TVP T 50/51, 60TP, Kranvagn, Strv 103B, Progetto 65

Tancuri de tier VIII premium: HWK 30, Mutz, Lowe, Kanonejagpanzer 105, Skorpion G, leKpz M41 90 mm GF, Maurerbrecher, Jagdtiger 8.8, Rheinmetall Skorpion, LT-432, T-54 mod1, T-44-100, Defender, IS-6B, SU-130PM, STG Guard, Obj 252U, IS-6, IS-3A, T92, Super Pershing, T95E2, Chrysel K, ELV EVEN 90, M4A1 Revalorise, T25 Pilot Number 1, M6A2E1, T26E5, Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), Lorraine 40t, Somua SM, AMX Canon 105, FV4202, M41D, Type 59, Liberte, Centurion RAAC, Caernavorn Action X, 59-Patton, 112, WZ-111 Alpine Tiger, 50 TP protoyp, Strv S1, WZ-120-1G FT, Primo Victoria, Progetto

+o gramada de tancuri de premium de tier VII, VI, V

Echipamente cu bonduri pe Obj 140 si 430U, Obj 268 V4.

O gramada de consumabile.

Adresa de email inclusa - facuta special pentru cont. (se poate schimba oricum cu adresa proprie de email dupa ce iti pui numarul tau de telefon)
Cumparatorul o sa ramana anonim.
Astept orice fel de intrebare pe privat. Comentariile inutile in acest anunt or sa fie sanctionate.

Please be aware that you are paying for the time I played the game THE ACCOUNT is totally free. You are NOT paying for any of the products or services offered to me by WARGAMING.NETThe free account you will receive comes with all security information you will need to continue playing. Those details will be passed only after payment is completed and founds are cleared.All digital items are and will remain the intellectual property of WARGAMING.NET and are subject to WORLD OF TANKS  EULA.By bidding on this item you are stating that you are in no way affiliated with or acting on behalf of WARGAMING.NET or any company or individual acting in the interests of WARGAMING.NET



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