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Andrei Nicu

World of Tanks: Developers Q&A Digest & Other Info

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Last week, World of Tanks developers have held a big Q&A with the Russian community Bloggers and YouTubers, and an official transcript has been released and published. But if you aren’t into reading big chunks of text, our always trustworthy reader Bolnoj, kindly has translated and created a digest of the whole Q&A, including some information missed by Wargaming.

I highly recommend you read both posts about the Q&A, as there is a lot of information about what is planned for 2019. You wouldn’t want to miss anything, would you?

  • One of the first prototypes of stun used to have the effect stun has on a tank’s characteristics diminishing over its duration, but in order for that to work as intended, the initial debuff had to be much more severe compared to what it is now, which is why it’s not considered as an option.
  • In the devs’ eyes, one-shots are more toxic than stun, but they admit they have probably underestimated the damage potential of new arty.
  • There will be a cooldown on blacklisting – after you ban a map, you won’t be able to reselect a different map for some time. The duration of the cooldown is not yet determined.
  • At first, you will only have an option to blacklist one map. Later there may be ways to blacklist more maps, perhaps 2 or 3.
  • Blacklist for more maps is hard to do technically, can let the repeating maps problem resurface and can also cause problems for regions with a lower player base such as NA.
  • Blacklist doesn’t work for the same map in different modes (Assault and Encounter). There’s already not that many maps in those modes, and WG is afraid allowing blacklist to extend to them may well kill off those modes completely.
  • In a platoon, only the Commander map will be blacklisted, not the other two platoon members, meaning only one map will be blocked and not three.
  • The work on the maps is not only focused on Frontline but also something unannounced that will be “close in spirit to Frontline”.
  • In order to fix the problems with poor interaction of shells and map collision a rework for the Havok algorithms calculating the map collision is being worked on. This should fix all of the cases of “being able to shoot through landscape” or “invisible textures preventing the shot” once and for all.
  • Unnaturally slippery surfaces such as rocks are a known problem and will be addressed after fixes to Havok.
  • Before implementing an anonymizing feature, a lot of potential problems have to be studied – too many people choosing to be anonymous, too little people choosing to be anonymous (will just make players focus the anons), it being significantly harder for the support team to respond to tickets about anonymous players breaking game rules etc.
  • If and when WG succeeds at fully closing the client from prohibited mods, they will likely unban a lot of players that were banned for using those mods, even those banned permanently.
  • A new iteration of physics is already in the dev builds. It’s supposed to fix a number of problems, potentially including problems with wheeled vehicles.
  • A project of “cleaning up” the tech trees – standardizing modules, removing excessive modules, and perhaps unnecessary tanks (like some lower tier Germans) is planned for somewhere between near and far future.
  • Certain seemingly underperforming vehicles are very hard to balance due to there being little to no statistics of them available because of how rarely played they are.
  • It’s possible that certain barely played CW-only tanks could be sold for bonds to regular players (partially to fix the statistics problem).
  • Rewards for Merit aren’t a step towards full-time loot boxes. There are no plans for that.
  • The logic of dropping of the random rewards may be changed.
  • The whole system of achievements and medals is planned to be reworked, but not in 2019.
  • Minimap pinging for Random Battles is being worked on to become similar to Frontline.
  • No penalty for arty drowning itself planned.
  • STB-1 will possibly receive a suspension similar to the Swedish MTs after their release.
  • Changes for lower tiers will be done from bottom to top. This is due to the issue of the power gap between the lower and the higher tier being much larger than needed from Tier 7 downwards. That approach will not allow for simply shifting that gap to a tier lower that would be the case if it were to be done the other way round.
  • Overall, the balance changes will touch more than half of all tanks in the game.
  • No plans for garage choices WoWS-style.
  • Despite there being no plans for a rework of chat and friend lists in the current year, it needs to be done and will possibly come later.
  • Frontline is currently much higher priority for development and new content than Grand Battles, which were essentially a mode to test 30×30 made with pieces of technologies from Frontline.

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