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Andrei Nicu

STA-2 Rebalance Update

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A new iteration arrived.

STA-2 (MT-8, Japan, premium):

-Damage per minute increased from 2,002.3 to 2,455.3 – this change was cancelled. The parameter was left as it is currently on the server (2002.3);
-The reload time has been reduced from 7,192 sec to 6,712 sec – this change has been cancelled. Parameters remain unchanged (7.192 s);
-The rate of fire was increased from 8,343 to 8,939 – this change was cancelled and remains unchanged (8,343);
-Engine power has been reduced from 700 to 650 hp (currently on the server: 570 hp);
-The hp per ton was changed from 20.59 to 19.12 hp / t (currently on the server: 16.76 hp / t).

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