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Andrei Nicu

Subwars Event Bonus Codes (EU)

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Subwars ‘The Beginning’ is coming on 16.06.2019 at 18:00 CEST, the first battle will take place between Dakillzor & SirFoch. Subwars is a player initiative and WG has supported the concept by having prizes to giveaway during the event. There are also privately donated prizes for viewers/players. The website for full details is https://www.subwars.net/. Important to note whilst WG is supporting the event it is run by players and all questions should be through the discord to Svitman / David.

These codes should be live this afternoon (they do not work now😞



The codes give 2x or 4x +200% XP for 1h personal reserves, depending if the player guesses the victor.

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