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Andrei Nicu

Supertest: T54E2

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An old vehicle never released to the game is making a return to Supertest: T54E2. The T54E2 was an American medium prototype in the 1950s armed with a 105mm gun, mounted on the M48 Patton chassis. Wargaming has decided to re-classify it as a heavy tank and down tiered to Premium Tier VIII.


With its gun has a dispersion of 0.4 which is far from ideal, but with amour penetration of 226 mm, the T54E2 won’t have many problems penetrating opponents of the same tier.  The combination of a 390 alpha and 14-second reload time isn’t exceptional, but the sheer ability to dish out stable amounts of damage with basic rounds is bad at all.



As for the survivability, the average hull protection of the T54E2, 150 mm at the front, is compensated for by its thick, up to 240 mm,  turret armour. Even though the turret still has a weak spot, the commander’s cupola, the gun depression of -10 degrees allows for more ways of hiding it.


T54E2 is reasonably fast, with a top speed of 45 km/h and specific power of more than 16 hp per ton of weight. This lets it take key positions and benefit from its armour penetration and gun depression angle. This tank is a well-rounded fighter, being a jack of all trades but a master of none. It may assist attacking allies or bolster its side’s defences, being sheer Versatility on tracks.


The tank was originally a Tier IX medium tank, that never released to the game. I still fail to understand why make it a Tier VIII Premium, when it could well be a regular Tier X alternative to the T57 Heavy. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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