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Andrei Nicu

WoT Supertest – Tier 9 Frontlines reward

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Immediately struck by the main feature of this machine – segmented tracks. Each board has two segments located one after the other (and not in parallel, as in T95). From the point of view of game mechanics, they do not have any differences from standard tracks, and disabling at least one segment means stopping the entire machine.

We proceed to test this heavy tank. The upper plate of the AE Phase I is located at a large angle and has a thickness of 120 mm. But the armor at the top of the turret reaches 292 mm. In general, frontal  armor is more than good, there is only one vulnerable point – the commander’s pinnacle, but it is not too big either. In addition, an excellent declination angle of the gun (-10 degrees) will allow it to be shown less often. The onboard armor is not lagging behind and is 88-100 millimeters thick. As for mobility, it meets the class of the machine. 35 km / h maximum speed with a thrust-weight of 16.1 hp per ton will allow AE Phase I to keep up with other heavy tanks.

And finally – a 120mm cannon. It does not differ in stabilization and high accuracy (0.38 m per 100 m), the average rate of fire is 4.8 shots per minute, one-time damage is 400 units. But here is armor penetration of 258 mm with a standard armor-piercing projectile and 340 mm with a special ammo! Any opponent you meet you can punch right into them.

A special feature will be the special status of this machine, meaning that any suitable crew can be put on it without the need for retraining. The number of crew members in the tank – 4 people.


Separately, we mention the new mechanics that appears on this machine – built-in consumables “Big repair kit.” It acts like a standard large repair kit, but you don’t have to pay for it.

AE Phase I is designed for close quarters combat. Excellent frontal armor, good main armament, high armor penetration of both standard and special projectiles, comfortable mobility – all this allows you to emerge victorious from any fight.



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