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Andrei Nicu

WoT – Secret leak hunt in full swing! (Škoda T 27 leak)

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Our friend Sanya @SanyaTranslate has released this post:

So, okay, with the ending more or less figured out, let’s go back to the beginning. I have to say: this is not what you thought.



The Czechoslovakian map contour and the flag means likely one thing, Škoda T 27 premium tank. However, here the message is more interesting than the attachment, with “let’s go back to the beginning. I have to say: this is not what you thought.” being a particularly interesting part.

Let’s backpedal a bit. The two first posts were these:


First one with the icon of some sort of event is still unknown, but the second with the tickets has been leaked by the russians.

First option: As the tickets relate to an upcoming Tank Fair event (similar to black market), it is likely that Škoda T 27 will be sold, or, with the second icon being relatively unknown, it will be a reward of some sort of event (It is also possible that the icon will be for the tank races, which are coming in early August).

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