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Double Chamber Insulating Glass

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The insulating glass that comprises by 3 pieces of glass 2 aluminous frame calls double cavity insulating glass, the outmost one piece of glass is bigger than inside two pieces of glass was called flying edge double cavity insulating glass, also called unequel piece insulating glass, this kind of glass is applied more at curtain wall or the skylight glass that use alone.
鈼?Lower U value: the U value of double-chamber flanged glass is better than that of single-chamber flanged glass, which can be as low as about 1.1. If you have higher requirements, please contact us in time.
鈼?Good shielding effect:
Curtain wall or skylight double cavity flying side insulating glass with specific good light transmittance and shading, can effectively protect privacy, but also can keep indoor bright.
鈼?Low reflectivity, no light pollution
With the maturation of LOWE's coating glass technology, low-reflection LOWE's coating replaces high-reflection coating, thus reducing the pollution of light source, making the whole city not only magnificent and colorful, but also reducing environmental pollution.
1. Double-cavity flying edge insulated glass U value 1.1-1.5
2. The U value of the flying-edge double-cavity glass hollow is 2.3-2.6.
Our advantages:
We have special equipment for making double cavity hollow flanges to keep double aluminum strips in one position and equilateral glass edges in order.And the flying distance is more accurate, sealant machine glues more balance.
Suitable for glass curtain wall, attic skylight and ground glassDouble Chamber Insulating Glass

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