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Vand Cont Wot - mutati-l in categoria care trebuie ca e prea alambicat siteul va rog :)

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European World of Tanks Account. User name: STLR

Battles: 35K

Stats:1960 WN8

Personal rating: 8188

Tier X Tanks: Heavy: T110E5, IS 4, FV215B, T57 HEAVY, PZVII, Obj 277, SuperConqueror,

Meds: T-62-A, OBJ140, M48 PATTON, TVP T 50/51, OBJ430 U

TD: OBJ. 268, FV 215b (183), Bobjekt, JgpzE100, DeathStar

SPG: Obj.261

LT: T100 LT

Reward: T55a, Obj 260, T 28 Concept

Premium Tanks: T34, Is6, Pz IV Schmalturm, SU100Y, TOG II, Matilda IV, , Churchill III, Stug IV, Tetrarch, LTP,

Most tanks which i played more than 100 battles have M badge mastery, There is one Pool's medal, more than a dozen Radley's and other achievements for the trophy hunters ^^59df3825d3cde_T55afinnaly.thumb.jpg.c0816eb00ff27a5ed8159874775b0c01.jpg

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