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Product Introduction
The natural wind of a large energy-saving fan blows on the human body, promotes the evaporation of sweat and removes heat, thereby cooling the human body and bringing a feeling of cooling. Usually, people can feel 5鈩?8鈩?temperature reduction, The large energy-saving fan blows the natural wind more comfortably.
Product Parameter (specification)
Our Advantage
* High efficient air follow
* Improving indoor air quality
* All-dimensional three-dimensional air supply
Motor System
* NORD, ABM.LENZE, SIEMENS to promise durability and reliability
* The geared motor is stable in starting and low in loss.Use low backlash assembly process and gear grinding technique, lower noise
The hub is made by high precision cutting technology with a unique design of antifalling security device. The surface is galvanized for longer life. The machining center is used for one-time forming, the impact resistance is stronger, and the accidental rigid collision will not break.
Control system
Imported Japan Toshiba VFD inverter control system with high performance&reliability, Import Schneider switch, Three-speed fan for extended fan life.
Fan Blade
High quality aluminum magnesium alloy, 6pcs blades to ensure Max airflow and efficiency, Fluorocarbon coating surface treatment.
Aerodynamic tail fins are often seen on airplanes and racing cars, but they are not not designed for beauty. With winglet, this part of energy loss will be avoided, fan will run steadily, which will bring economic effect.
Application field
HVLS fans are used in commercial spaces, where air conditioning is more common, but increased air movement from ceiling fans can help to reduce cost greatly- a 30% running cost can be expected. Typical commercial applications include shopping malls, churches, office buildings, airport terminal buildings, fitness centers and schools.
Installation conditions
Why choose DENUO fans?
1) Any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
2) Professional manufacturer. Welcome to visit our website:http://en.tz-dn.com
3) High quality, fashion designs, reasonable&competitive price, fast lead time.
4) After-Sale Service
Q: Compare with the pictures, I prefer to see the real products, Can you promise your products are the same with the pictures?
All the pictures were taken from real products, so the quality can be guaranteed, You can place sample order first .
Q: What kind of motor do you used?
Q: Can we get sample from you?
Yes, we will charge the FOB price as sample fee, which will be refunded after placing order.
The development history
The fresh air generated by the large industrial ceiling fan can be continuously mixed with the trapped air in the room. The large amount of indoor air circulation driven by the fan effectively strengthens the air circulation and completely changes the working environment with poor heat and ventilation. Employees can feel the cooling effect of 5--8鈩?temperature difference. At the same time, the total amount of indoor ventilation can also be reduced, no fan or ventilation facilities can be more efficient than it, those high energy consumption, high noise exhaust fan can be reduced or even eliminated in many cases.
With very low cost can drive a lot of cool airflow, the physical and mental health of employees can be guaranteed, energy consumption can also be significantly reduced, thereby improving the execution of the factory, so that your enterprise to get the maximum benefit.
After-sales service
We have a team of experienced fan engineers who are always on call and can solve any technical problems for you at any time.
We manage spare parts for you in a professional manner and recommend that you conduct an aerodynamic audit to optimize the ventilation process.Ceiling Fan manufacturers
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