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Industrial Grade Hydrogen Peroxide suppliers

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Classification: Hydrogen Peroxide
MF: H鈧侽鈧?/p>
Place Of Origin: China
Hazard Class:5.1+8
HS Code:2847000000
The industrial hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is multi-purpose. Widely due to hydrogen peroxide application field and development prospect, hydrogen peroxide, 35%H2O2 are widely used in the field of chemical synthesis of many important inorganic and organic peroxides and fine chemical products as follows:
1.Inorganic Peroxide complex: Such as sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate, calcium peroxide and so on.
2.Organic Peroxides: The main varieties include alkyl peroxides and hydroperoxides perspindle acid, ketone peroxide, perphthalein and other organic peroxides used as polymerization initiators.
ComponentCAS NumberEINECS NumberMass(%)
Hydrogen peroxide7722-84-1231-765-035%wt
The hydrogen peroxide is available in IBC containers or other plastic containers.
Physical And Chemical Properties
Physical State: Clear liquid
Colour: Colorless
Odour: A weak special odour
Melting Point/Freezing Point: -2鈩?Anhydrous)
Boiling Point: 158鈩?Anhydrous)
Flammability: May intensify fire;oxidizer
Density:1.132g/ml(20鈩?Industrial Grade Hydrogen Peroxide suppliers
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