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Water Electrolyzer price

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Product Description
The main part of Electrolyzer plant is Electrolyzer where electrolysis process takes place. The basic process of separating H鈧侽 into its elemental components occurs, when a voltage applied and a DC current flows through the electrodes submerging entire in alkaline water. Alkaline water electrolysis uses a strong aqueous alkaline solution to provide an abundance of hydroxyl ions (oh-) and minimize the electrical resistance between electrodes. Our special configuration, usually referred to as bipolar or filter-press construction, result in a compact and efficient electrolysis module, producing gases at relative pressure less than 32 kg/cm2 (g) directly. So, no Hydrogen compressor required. Hydrogen purity at this point is 99.9% with 0.1%Max. oxygen.
Hydrogen and Oxygen come out separately from Electrolyzer along with Lye solution.
Product Parameter
Hydrogen Output (Nm鲁/h)20
Oxygen Output (Nm鲁/h)10
Hydrogen Purity (%)99.9
Oxygen Purity (%)98.3
DC Current (A)1670
DC Voltage (V)56
DC Power Consumption (kWh/Nm鲁H鈧?鈮?.8
MaterialNon-Asbestos (Membrane)
Carbon Steel Nickel Plated (Main Structure)
Reliability (99.5%)鈮?5 years
Dimension (桅x L x W)1048 x 1961 x 1162
Weight (kg)3800
Operation Temperature (鈩?85卤5
Operating Pressure (MPa)1.0~3.2
Recommended Overhaul Period (Years)8~10
Flexibility Operating Range (%)50~100
---The raw materials are coming; the technician will inspect each material by test machine.
---During production, the technician will do QA for parts inspection.
---Before shipment, the QA will inspect according to ISO/GB inspection standard for production.Water Electrolyzer price
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