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China Bed Sheets manufacturers

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鈼?Cotton / Mixed
鈼?nbsp;Available in all sizes
鈼?nbsp;Best quality sheets for low prices
鈼?nbsp;We have added two extra pillowcases, two pillow cases solid and two of them print to change up the look a little. They will add good convenience when you want to regularly clean your old pillowcase or you want to prepare for the guest room. No worry of alternative pillowcase being not available again. These sheets are also breathable, cool and soft. Better quality for sure
鈼忋€怌OTTON PERCALE銆慚ade of the special fibres of content and other materials to have the best feel in sheets, printed sheets means making your bed above and beyond the look you want it to have!
鈼忋€怐eep Pocket Fitted銆慉dopting the deep pocket design which will easily stretch up to 13-16inch no matter how you move on the bed this sheet will keep neat.
Our company
Packaging Details
Our servicesChina Bed Sheets manufacturers

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