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Tanc premium cadou in Decembrie!

Pe 25 Decembrie toti jucatorii World of Tanks primesc un cadou si anume un tanc premium britanic de tier 2.


Light Mk.VIc


Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Tier: 2
MM weight: 3
Health: 150
Hull armor: 14/13/6
Turret armor: 14/14/11
Maximum speed: 52,5/20
Viewrange: 300
Radiorange: 375


Engine: 88 hp Meadows E.S.T.L.
Weight: 5000kg
Power-to-weight: 17,6 hp/t
Engine fire chance: 20 percent
Hull traverse: 40
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,3/2,3

Gun: 15mm BESA
Penetration: 25mm (uses only 1 type of ammo – AP, no gold rounds)
Damage: 9
Formal rate of fire: 101,78 RPM
Autoloader: 5 round bursts, 40 rounds in clip
Autoloader reload: 18s
Aimtime: 1,5s
Accuracy: 0,52
Turret rotation: 36 deg/s
Depression/elevation: -10/+37
Shell velocity: 884

Range limited to 350m


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